5 most recommended activities to do in Senggigi, Indonesia

Located in one of Indonesia’s popular tourist destinations, Lombok, Senggigi is the island’s most visited coastal strip. The untouched seaside town may not be as popular as the Gili islands, but this little paradise remains as a home base for visitors that are looking forward to their Lombok expedition.

Senggigi stands as Lombok’s traditional tourist resort, nestled in a fine location that features a panoramic view of white sand beaches and a backdrop of lush mountains and towering palm trees. Sudamala Resorts bring you a guide to enjoying 5 best activities in Senggigi to make your trip more vibrant.

  1. Don’t miss the tangerine skyolah olah restaurant sudamala sengigi
    If you are one to chase down sunsets, Senggigi offers a spectacular show. The pristine waters, glimmering shores, and burning sky are perfectly paired and complemented by the distant silhouette of Bali’s Mount Agung. Lounge by the coastline in front of Sudamala Resorts or indulge in the fine selection of dishes at our Olah Olah Restaurant.
  2. Conquer the waves
    surfer senggigi
    Whether you are a pro or a complete beginner, Senggigi’s waves are fit for any surfer level. You can find a great amount of locals surf this circular reef recommending surfing lessons, or to simply just accompany you take on the island’s rhythmic waters.
  3. Make new friends under the sea
    Just like Sebastian sung, “Darling it’s better, under the sea!” Discover the amazing marine life that awaits you in Senggigi’s alluring waters. You will find a clean sandy floor brightened by the loud colors of different species of corals, tropical fishes of all shapes and sizes, and if you’re lucky, the sea turtle.diving course ssi senggigi lombok

    At Sudamala Resorts, we provide guests with PADI Dive Programs. Whether it is your first dive or here at Senggigi, looking to enjoy a Fun Dive, or even to just snorkel your way around the island, our services are here for you.

  4. Pamper at Sudamala Resorts Mango Tree spa
    mango tree spa sudamala senggigi

    A tropical getaway is not complete without pampering yourself at the spa. The facilities at our resort include our exquisite Mango Tree spa. Built on the belief to inspire guests with local unique and innovative treatments, we have a list of treatments crafted to calm, pamper, and introduce you to a journey of rejuvenation. Click here to see our list of treatments.
  5. Last but not the least, absorb the charm of Senggigi
    Every island that surrounds Indonesia has its own charm, especially in Senggigi. During your time here, indulge in the coastline’s natural wonders and the friendly locals that call Senggigi their home. Don’t miss the iconic Batu Bolong Hindu temple, the graceful marine life, and both land and underwater adventures.

Enjoy Senggigi with Sudamala Resorts to make your tropical escape more memorable. For more information about our resort, click this link.