PRISM “An Isolation and Friendship” at Sudakara ArtSpace.

SUDAKARA ArtSpace is proud to present, PRISM, an art exhibition featuring the collaborative friendship of Balinese rising artists, Ni Nyoman Sani, I Ketut Jaya (Kaprus) and I Made Somadita, which held on 11th August through 11th November 2018 at SUDAKARA ArtSpace of Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur.

“PRISM” inspired by the philosophy, visions, beliefs and collaborative friendship of Ni Nyoman Sani, I Ketut Jaya (Kaprus) and I Made Somadita. Their personal and social backgrounds collide, just as their artwork combine to encapsulate an absorbing contemporary investigation of life and process. “PRISM” is about the journey of these three participating artists which it has separated encounters with isolation and the courage and the ideology that eventually brought them together. It is this quiet optimism that has allowed us to share this captivating collection of work with our esteemed guests, art lover friends and the general public.

Being an artist can be an arduous calling, which often requires a certain hardness to develop around one’s edges. There is, however, an understated grace and elegant humility that these three carries, as individuals and when they are together, that is present in everything they do. It is simply enchanting to be around such energy, and we trust that this transpires throughout the exhibition, in their work, in their trust in each other, and in their curation of the depiction of isolation and friendship.

The exhibition started with the Press Conference continued with the Special Preview. During the special preview, every art pieces purchased will receive a 15% off. In addition, as a genuine gesture of a deep empathy for the recent earthquake in Lombok, the three artists will be donating 20% of the sales of their art piece.

SUDAKARA ArtSpace was conceived as a home for accessible and collectible art pieces, a place for dialogues and to give the local art community a public platform. This dedicated venue was created as a nurturing and visionary environment for intercultural conversations and artistic exchange.

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PRISM Art Exhibition