Sudamala Signature Purification Tour

Scrub Your Soul, Check Your Chakra, Clear Your Mind

The Balinese religious calendar – a perpetual cycle of rites and offerings to maintain a delicate equilibrium between sekala (the tangible world) and niskala (the intangible, unseen world) – is based on deep and ancient principles of establishing harmony between humans, the earth and God. As such, it is the ideal location to realign your spiritual balance; to cleanse your soul and achieve harmony in your life.

Meaning ‘purifying water’ in ancient Sanskrit, Tirta Sudamala is a location of great religious importance to the Balinese. Located on a river valley with verdant hillsides draped with dense jungle, the pilgrimage to the site will take guests to a side of Bali rarely seen by outsiders.

Tirta Sudamala is located in Bangli, around one hour’s drive from Ubud, near Bali’s most holy temple, Besakih. It is said that those who are struggling with concerns that they are unable to solve will benefit from bathing in the waters, which wash away confusion and lead to spiritual awakening. The waters of Tirta Sudamala are also said to cure illnesses, cleanse the aura and remove troublesome mala spirits.

After experiencing the cleansing ceremony guided by a local priest, you will continue on to Ubud, enjoying some fresh tropical fruits along the way. In Ubud, you will dine in one of Bali’s finest restaurants, Indus, before arriving back in Sanur at around 3:30 p.m.

The Sudamala Purification Tour is approximately 7 hours (07.30 – 15.30) and includes Private Tour Guide and Vehicle, Lunch, Fruit Box, all Donations & Entrance Fees


Sudamala Signature Purification Tour
Price per person at IDR 2.100.000 ++
Additional Adult at IDR 250.000++/ person
Additional Children at IDR 130.000++/ person