Mataram Heritage Tour

Summer Palaces, Fountains of Youth and Rites of Spring

On this half-day tour of west Lombok you’ll discover the royal traditions of the island, visit a mystical fountain of youth, a bustling traditional market and witness a unique and ancient temple dedicated to both Hindu and Islamic religions.

The tour begins at the Mayura royal floating palace or BaleKambang. Constructed in 1714, it is a reminder of the Balinese roots of Lombok’s royal traditions and somewhat faded from its glory days. From the floating palace you head to the Narmada Park built by a former king of the Mataram dynasty as a summer palace for the royal family. Within the park are the still-functioning PuraKalasa temple, and BalaiPetirtaan, a natural spring, fed by the holy waters of the revered Mount Rinjani and believed to offer eternal youth.

Next is Lingsar, a unique and sacred temple compound that serves two religions, Hindu and Islam WaktuTelu, which is a branch of the religion particular only to very select locals. This temple, traditionally associated with fertility, is a place of worship for followers of both beliefs. The tour concludes with a visit to the Bertais Market, Lombok’s largest traditional market with a colourful mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and local souvenirs.

The Mataram Heritage Tour is a half-day tour and includes Private English-speaking Driver & Vehicle, Cold Drinks, Village Donation & Entrance Fees