Snorkelling In Lombok

For those who don’t share the passion for diving but are curious about what lies beneath the glittering seas of Lombok, a snorkelling day tip is recommended. Close to home, the Gili islands offer plenty of what most people are looking for, with sandy beaches, colourful corals and dazzling fish. Bring your Go-Pro or similar as there’s lots to snap beneath the waves. Bring your high-test suncream too, because a long day in the water and sitting on the boat under the fierce tropical sun can easily leave you with a vacation-ruining sunburn if you have skin that burns easily.

A walk-in snorkel off one of slands by boat you can start the day with a leisurely walk-in snorkel dive off one of Trawangan’s sandy beaches, or straight in from your boat is a good start for absolute beginners. If you’re feeling adventurous, in the afternoon go by boat and sample the snorkelling at an offshore location – you’ll be rewarded by pristine reefs and more colourful sea life than you can imagine, and less competition for the same reef real estate.

For more info, please email us at reservations@sudamalaresorts.com

  • Minimum age: no minimum age
  • Location: shallow parts of the sea near the Gili islands
  • Includes: two snorkel dives and drink
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Remember: Hat, suncream, protective clothing for a long day in the sun.