Dotted across the golden shore of Little Seraya Island at the north of Komodo National Park, Sudamala Resort, Seraya is an Island Resort offering a laid-back luxury for the discerning travelers.

The resort consists of a total of 25 bungalows – a private two-bedroom villa and 23 private beach bungalows. Each beach bungalow is set up as a sequestered unit overlooking the pristine beach; with a choice of connecting rooms for a family and larger group.

For those in need for the ultimate privacy, the exclusive Panorama Villa located at the hilly side of the island offers a secluded compound entailing spacious two bedrooms that comes with its own plunge pool, private dining/living room and sun-drenched wooden-deck verandah overlooking the whole island and beyond.

Situated at one of the unspoiled islands in the Flores sea; this luxury resort in Komodo runs with eco-friendly principles at its backbone. Operating its own water distillation system, the resort purifies the abundance of saltwater and turns it into fresh water; omitting the constant need to transport clean water from the main town of Labuan Bajo in Komodo. While the hot water in most bungalows are being provided through a hybrid AC to water heater system to conserve the limited electricity consumption in this secluded island. To maintain the island natural beauty preservation, guests are also advised to limit the usage of plastic waste as all of the resort’s waste are being shipped regularly to the government-run dumping site at the main town of Labuan Bajo instead of being dumped or burned on the island.

Seraya Kecil Island enjoys one of the most well preserved underwater life in the Flores Sea. With the coral conservation efforts happening nearby, the house reefs are in good health with the abundance of submarine life found only a swim away from the resort’s shore. A technicolour array of staghorn, elkhorn and vivid brain corals provides the home for the heaving marine life: royal angelfish the size of dinner plates, eagle rays, sea urchins and bizarre octagonal-finned cousins of the lionfish that resembles subaqueous spiders. You may also expect to see baby sharks off the north point and turtles straight off the centre of the reef.

Sudamala Resort, Seraya can be reached within a leisurely 45 minutes wooden boat ride from Labuan Bajo in Komodo.
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Koen Vangrysperre
Resort Manager
Warmest greetings from Sudamala Resort, Seraya, Flores!

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Recognised as one of the top diving (and snorkeling!) destinations not only in Indonesia, but also in the world, the Komodo region is the crown jewel of the East Nusa Tenggara province. Moreover, the area is home to the extraordinary giant lizard which gave its name to the region. Magic – on land and under water – awaits!

Sudamala Resort, Seraya, located 15-20 minutes away by speed boat or 45-60 minutes away by traditional wooden boat from Labuan Bajo, is a peaceful hideaway on a stunning stretch of beach that undoubtedly beckons your soul to take a deep, healing breath and relax.

On Sudamala Resort, Seraya’s its own shore is a magnificent under water life that is accessible only steps away from the beach. Clown fish – affectionately known around the world as Nemo, playful baby black tip reef sharks, the majestic lion fish, dancing squids and breathtaking corals are considered to be the island’s ‘locals’.

The team at Sudamala Resort, Seraya, being on a remote island, is a family that nurtures the island, enriches its charm and gives it its soul. We endeavour to deliver sincerely warm service to you and to continue to enhance ourselves so that you can focus on the most important goal of being in Seraya – perfecting the art of unwinding and temporarily disconnecting from your fast-paced busy world.

We truly look forward to welcoming you to Sudamala Resort, Seraya for an unforgettably pleasurable stay with us!