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Aqura Dive is a PADI Resort offering exemplary butler diving experiences with professional and highly experienced multi-lingual PADI Instructors. The flagship’s facilities, on Seraya Kecil Island in Komodo, Flores, is purpose-built with passion and its equipment is brand new and top of the range.

From planning your trip, to guiding you as you discover the magic of Komodo’s underwater realm, to ensuring your safety and comfort, you will receive professional, friendly and expert service. The Aqura Dive team remains committed to fulfilling your diving needs and exceeding your expectations.

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Diving & Snorkelling Explorations

Located on Seraya Kecil Island in Komodo, Flores, Aqura Dive’s flagship PADI Dive Resort invites divers of all levels of experience, and snorkelers (or divers-to-be!) to delve into the deep blue and beyond.

The Komodo National Park’s dive and snorkel sites are world famous for its exceptional beauty and, of course, the currents. The islands’ magnificent marine life features many famous types of underwater creatures, including white tip sharks, manta rays, tunas, turtles, and many other pelagic species of fish. Closer to home, a hop, a skip and a splash away from our jetty are captivating dive spots – including night dive sites – that are untouched, allowing our guests to make new discoveries on their own. Let Aqura Dive introduce you to an extraordinary and fun diving experience as well as an enjoyable time above the surface.


Aqura Dive Centre holds fun dives for certified PADI divers of all ages…

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Dive Courses

Explore the many PADI dive courses we offer here at Aqura Dive.

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Snorkelling around Seraya is in warm, calm and crystal-clear waters…

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