Manta Point

As the name implies, Manta Point is the spot where manta rays are often spotted while they are feeding and thus becoming a popular location to meet these gentle marine giants.

Huge playful creatures that can grow up to 4 meters wide, Manta Rays are relatively harmless and often welcome a close proximity with human. They swim elegantly around Manta Point and feed on small jellyfishes.

Aside of the mantas, the marine biodiversity at Manta Point is also relatively healthy with reefs laying from only 2 meters to 9 meters depth. Turtles, sharks, eagle rays, giant trevallies, huge clams, various kind of sponges, and cuttlefish are several things that you may see during your snorkel or dive here.

Following your trip to Komodo or Rinca Island, the boat will make a stop at Manta Point, at which you could opt to snorkel, dive, or, if you are lucky, swim with the mantas. Please note that seeing the Manta Rays cannot be guaranteed and subject to weather and nature condition.