Panoramic Sunset Point

Created for utmost serenity

Beyond the ocean and into the land, this tiny island is packed with adventures ready to be explored. Just minutes walking away from the comfort of your bungalow, you may opt for a short sunset trekking on to the sunset point that is located at the picture-perfect hill. The trek is tranquil and short with staired pathways are readily constructed for a convenient climbing uphill to the sunset point where you can savour a scenic view of the whole island.

Up further the sunset point, through the off-beaten path, you may continue the trek to an even higher ground. From this vantage point, a breathtaking view awaits as you can bask in an unhindered 360 scenic of the whole island and beyond into the neighboring island of Big Seraya. From atop, the glistening Little Seraya’s fringing reefs, an ever changing canvas of shimmering blues edges by shiny white sandbanks and patches of sea grass are clearly visible.

Come during the sunset to witness the sky illuminates as its shades seamlessly changes from gold to pink and into lilac in a mesmerizing sunset palettes that Flores is worldly renowned for.