Komodo Island

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this land of the dragons is the only native habitat of the Komodo Dragons aside of the neighbouring Rinca Island

The island hosts about 2,500 Komodos that can be found roaming freely in the wild.

Enjoy the breathtaking vista both terrestrial and underwater in Komodo Island. Venture into a trekking exploration crossing its distinct dry savannah with rising Palmyra palm (lontar) trees to greet these prehistoric creatures in its natural habitat. The medium long trek will take about 1 to 1.5 hours passing through the hilly forest and the waterholes where you may see Timor deer or wild pigs, with the dragons can often be found nearby preying.

Part of the protected coral triangle center, Komodo Island also has rich marine biodiversity and often dubbed as one of the best diving spots in the world. The waters that surround the island are turbulent and teeming with unparalled marine life consisting of 385 species of beautiful corals, mangrove forests, thousands of fish species, 70 types of sponges, 10 types of dolphins, 6 types of whales, green turtles and various types of sharks and stingrays.