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News Stories 21 July 2024

Sobat Hijau: Stewards of Sustainability at Sudamala Resorts


In the heart of Sudamala Resorts Indonesia lies Sobat Hijau, our dedicated green team passionately committed to sustainability. As stewards of the environment, Sobat Hijau takes on the responsibility of managing the waste generated by Sudamala’s operations, embodying our collective mission to champion a more sustainable Earth.

Within the lush grounds of our resort, Sobat Hijau has spearheaded a series of impactful initiatives. An advanced Sewage Treatment Plant ensures responsible water treatment, minimizing our environmental footprint. Bio Pores installations seamlessly blend into our surroundings, contributing to the preservation of the natural ecosystem. Energy-efficient glass sliding doors adorn every room, promoting sustainability and reducing energy consumption.

Embracing a commitment to reduce single-use plastic, Sobat Hijau introduced refillable glass bottles in guest rooms. Eco-friendly toiletries, provided in refillable containers, further minimize plastic waste. LED bulbs with automatic timers optimize energy consumption, while environmentally conscious disposables such as paper straws and wooden cutlery enhance the eco-friendliness of our takeaways.

Sobat Hijau’s commitment extends to responsible glass disposal, creative organic waste reutilization for pig farming, and innovative plastic upcycling into useful keychains. The green team, continually evolving, stays at the forefront of sustainability through efficient waste sorting and recording.
Engaging with the local community, Sobat Hijau teaches English to children in exchange for collected plastics, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. These initiatives align with our sustainability objectives, aiming to minimize waste, foster innovation, create meaningful impact, encourage a circular economy, and attract eco-conscious guests seeking sustainable accommodations.

Sobat Hijau, the green team, plays a multifaceted role. They diligently manage records to monitor progress, actively engage in waste collection and proper disposal, pioneer inventive solutions to address environmental challenges, and inspire others through educational initiatives. Aspiring for “green tourism” accreditation, Sobat Hijau aims to become a driving force in achieving the next level of sustainability.

At Sudamala Resorts, our devotion to preserving the planet’s natural beauty is unwavering. With Sobat Hijau leading the way, we are confident in our journey towards a more sustainable and greener future.