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Seasonal Campaign

Embrace the spirit of the season at Sudamala Resorts! Unwrap enchanting holiday moments with festive decor, special treats, and joyful surprises. Book your seasonal escape now for a celebration filled with warmth and luxury. Happy Holidays from Sudamala.

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An Indonesian Odyssey

Explore enchanting Indonesia with Sudamala Resorts as your guide. Begin in Bali, delve into Lombok’s pristine shores, and uncover Komodo’s wild wonders. Enjoy twin-center stays, vibrant underwater landscapes, and unique culinary delights. Your odyssey promises boundless discovery.


Stay longer, Save More

Extend your stay and save more at our hotel! Embrace the season with extra nights of comfort and indulgence. Book now for exclusive savings and make your getaway unforgettable. Stay longer, save more!

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Blissfull Romance, an Elegant Affair

Experience blissful romance with our Elegant Affair package. Indulge in luxury, intimate moments, and special surprises. Book now for an enchanting escape that celebrates love in every detail.

Island Love Escape, Bali - Lombok - Flores

Bali’s vibrant sunsets, Lombok’s secluded coves, or Komodo’s rugged charm: where will your love story next unfold? Book our Romantic Gateway package and weave unforgettable memories in an island

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Villa Bliss – Indulge in Exquisite Floating Breakfast

Awaken to the gentle embrace of sunlight filtering through your villa’s curtains at our distinguished participating resorts. As your eyes open, you remember that you are immersed in one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

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Senggigi – Iftar Package

Dining offers

Iftar Package


Senggigi – Easter Celebration

Dining offers

Easter Lunch


Senggigi – Summer Bliss

10% savings on rooms


Senggigi – Enchanting Seaside Dining

Embrace the tapestry of your love story within a secluded haven by the ocean's . Craft moments that shall linger eternally in the embrace of...


Senggigi – Cooking Class

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Sudamala, savoring Indonesia’s diverse flavors.

Sudamala Resort, Senggigi