A water wedding, tropical garden or beachfront ceremony.

Experience the serenity of aquatic vows by a tranquil pool, revel in the natural beauty of a lush tropical garden ceremony, exchange heartfelt vows on the sun-kissed shores of a beach, or indulge in the opulence of a grand ballroom union. Your wedding unfolds in a tapestry of elegance, with each setting reflecting the unique essence of your love story.


Tailoring Wedding Tales Across Indonesian Isles

In Bali, enchanting Legong dancers and traditional gamelan music create a mystical sunset ambiance, complemented by Kecak performers delving into Balinese mythology. Lombok resonates with harmonious Sasak music—rincik flute and gendang drum unite during vows, followed by the captivating beleq dance. In Flores, amid stunning landscapes, Manggarai music with gongi gong and suling flute sets a festive tone. The dynamic caci dance, beneath twinkling stars, highlights agility.


Indonesian Wedding: Culinary Symphony Unveiled

At Bali’s sunset, guests relish traditional cuisine—sate lilit, lawar, bebek betutu, and nasi campur. Desserts showcase jaja uli and pisang goreng. In Lombok, Sasak delights with ayam taliwang, plecing kangkung, dodol, and kue lapis. Amid Flores’ scenery, a Manggarai feast includes ikan kuah kuning, nasi bambu, keluwe, and ubi goreng. These weddings celebrate Indonesia’s culinary heritage, offering a symphony of diverse flavors in a culinary journey for guests.

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