Indonesia: A Thousand Isles of Wellness

Escape to sun-kissed emerald islands, where Indonesia invites flourishing wellness. Ancient traditions merge with tropical abundance, nurturing the soul and revitalizing the body.

Picture sunrise yoga on a Bali clifftop, the breeze carrying tranquility. Explore Javanese jamu secrets for natural healing. Feel Lombok’s volcanic sands, a detoxifying touch of nature’s magic.

Indonesia’s wellness is a reconnection, beyond pampering. Hike misty volcanoes for invigorating beauty. Kayak mangrove labyrinths, learning resilience from silent majesty.

From sunrise swims to starlit feasts, Indonesia’s wellness is a sensory symphony.


Harmony Unveiled, The Usada Bali Wellness Odyssey at Sudajiva Spa-Sanur

Embark on a 6-hour holistic journey exploring Balinese traditions. Choose yoga or meditation, followed by soul purification or melukat. Enjoy lunch, a workshop on Balinese boreh and Jamu crafting, and conclude with a 120-minute traditional Balinese Spa session, including a foot bath, Balinese massage, boreh body wrap, and a lime & sea salt bath.



Lilla Cita

Embark on a unique journey with Lilla Citta, cultivating a serene mind through yoga, soul purification, and local exploration. Choose one-hour yoga or meditation, followed by an hour of soul purification or melukat with a priest. Explore historical temples, enjoy a wholesome lunch at Ares Restaurant, and conclude with a 90-minute massage using warming medicated oil for healing and tranquility. Lilla Citta’s program is a spiritual odyssey, guiding you towards inner peace with profound, locally inspired wisdom.


Experience Hasta Siddhi Healing

A holistic approach addressing the physical, etheric, and astral bodies. This therapy integrates massage, Pranic healing, and Kundalini Energy to rejuvenate the etheric body, alongside gentle to deep-tissue massage targeting the physical body. The 60-minute session harmonizes and transforms energy processes, fostering a profound connection between body and spirit. Hasta Siddhi Healing facilitates resolution of physical, mental, and spiritual issues.


Diving Light Awakening & Blessing: A Transcendent Journey

Embark on Diving Light Awakening & Blessing, a 180-minute transcendent journey. Begin with Spine Yoga, cleansing the nervous system and activating the energy body using secret techniques guided by the Guru. This purifies and activates chakras, promoting healing and regeneration of the organ system. The benefits extend to mental health, culminating in a divine blessing and Holy knowledge authorization. This sacred knowledge connects minds to the divine nature, bringing forth great inspirations over time.

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