Taksu Very Much: A Brush with Bliss in Sanur's Art Hotel

Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur, Bali

If you seek an authentic encounter with the real Bali and yearn to sojourn where art lives, search no more. Situated at the southern end of serene Sanur, Bali’s cultured pearl and oft-kept secret, Sudamala Suites & Villas is an oasis for those who crave a refined retreat that melds world-renowned Balinese artistry and craftsmanship with mind-boggling attention to detail and timeless tropical modern luxury.

This is the resort reimagined as a living work of art, with contemporary Balinese treasures at every turn and cutting-edge shows at Sudakara Art Space. Prime your palette with pampering in Sudajiva Spa, cultural connections, culinary explorations and journeys down roads less travelled. Or simply indulge in the ancient art of doing nothing, basking by a jewel of a pool beneath an ancient Joglo, cool breezes, cold drinks and warm smiles on tap.

All Balinese artists strive for a transcendent state of inspiration known as taksu. At Sudamala, we bring the taksu to you.

Kindly contact us by emailing info@sudamalaresorts.com for enquiries, reservations and further information.

Saimah Sabirin
General Manager

Warmest greetings from Sudamala Suites and Villas, Sanur, Bali!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find with us what you are looking for in your trip to Bali. Inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of Sanur, the hotel's conceptors and designers have collaborated to bring you an experience that is truly unique - truly Sudamala - a serene sense of spaciousness, infused with local culture and arts and friendly local hospitality.

Sanur was the original destination preferred by foreign travellers that inspired and gave rise to the legend of Bali as Islands of the Gods. Over the years it has become an artistic melting pot inspiring local as well as western artists the likes of Adrian Jean Le Mayeur, Miguel Covarrubias and Walter Spies.

Unlike other major destinations in Bali that have transformed with the trends of modern living, Sanur still retains much of the laid-back, old world charm it is famous for. Sudamala's 34 luxurious and comfortable suites are nestled around 2 spacious inner courtyards. One a lush lawn with performance space on either end and the other featuring a large, shimmering swimming pool - both lending to the hotel's tranquil atmosphere.

But at its heart is its art space. Sudakara ArtSpace brings to reality the vision behind the hotel: a place where artists, art collectors and enthusiasts as well as hotel guests, of course, can come together to create, discuss or simply appreciate art. The 250 sqm art space, will feature periodic exhibitions mainly by local artists and foreign artists residing in Bali.

Art of different kinds can be experience elsewhere in the hotel. Enjoy the many layers of Balinese culinary art as you dine in Ares Restaurant and in Sudajiva spa indulge in the art of cleansing body and soul.

Our friendly staff are dedicated to making you feel right at home and your stay with us a truly unique luxury hotel experience.

We look forward to welcoming you at Sudamala Suites & Villas.

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